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vertical garden pots

Vertical garden pots

Vertical garden pots

Over the years, the vertical garden has become part of a trend. If anything, there has been a
permanent shift in the whole process of gardening. The vertical garden pots are making more
sense when it comes to condo or apartment residents that have limited space. Even for the
larger property, it is the additional part of gardening to enhance the whole gardening scenario.
Our experts have worked immensely in providing some of the major change to such plants. We
have summed up a few approaches for the nature lover to have an easy gardening time.

1. Industrial –

It is the process that is the best way in this concrete world. There are
options such as wooden pallets, cinder blocks, etc. that can be placed on the wall for
many effects. This is one of the best home improvement methods for the creative and
usual style. There is option plant in the vertical garden pots on concrete style pot that
will add value to the place.

2. Rack reuse –

Then there is an option of the rack that can be used in the form of a shelf.
Place it at a corner a stack it up with garden pots it. This will give a refreshing look. You
can use different racks at a different place for better effects. There is also an option of
the wooden shelf but if you are putting in the pots then it might not be good for
hydration purpose.

3. Hanging trees –

These are one of the best options when it comes to the vertical garden.
It will add greenery to the place without taking any extra space. It will also add a new
pattern or theme to it is placed perfectly. This type of setup is usually placed at the
balcony are or around kitchen window to enhance the work. These are sued in the
bathroom areas.

4. Standalone wall –

This is another form of garden style that is used in the place of a frame. It will add the extra effect in the garden are off even if you have a big room then you can place it right in the middle. This type of wall can have different and in a pattern, vertical garden pots fixed to it with different flowers or plant to beautify it. There are different frames that can be used for this type of style. In addition to this, the maximum capacity of such standalone walls is to carry 35 pots approximately.

Our expert team have covered every single aspect of gardening that will make your home or
office look beautiful. So, contact us now.

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