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Vertical Garden plants

Vertical Garden Plants

Vertical garden plants

The latest trend of vertical garden plants has gone to a whole new level with the help of its
increasing popularity. People are opting for this option to ensure that one has enough space
and can help the environment in an ecological manner. On top of that, this type of style is used
to beautifying the whole room and space. It will also solve a lot of gardening problem that
might be faced by gardening fanatics. However, if you are one of them but don’t know which
style of plants to have in your vertical garden, then our experts are more than happy to help
with a few options to look out for.

1. Ferns –

Whether it is vertical or horizontal gardening, it will be incomplete without
ferns. They are the most humidity resistance and adaptable type of plants which makes
them ideal for gardening. The best part about them is that it won’t take much time to
grow and helps in covering up the surface area quickly. There is a different type of ferns
to opt for such as bird’s nest, sword fern, etc.

2. Devil’s Ivy and pothos – It is another type of houseplant that which gives a classy look.
They are one of the indoor plants that are used for a longer period of time and now can
be used for the vertical garden. The bright light or low light works well with them. In
addition to this, it will also add value to the acid or alkaline environment. You simply
can’t go wrong with it.

3. Baby tears –

This type of plant is amazing for the ground covering with green leaves of a
brighter shade. The softness and delicacy with them make them ideal for vertical
garden plants. On top of that, the bright light helps them to flourish. All you need to
make sure is that they are not in direct contact with the harsh sun and are watered

4. Philodendron –

If you don’t have much time to take care of the plant then philodendron
is an ideal choice. You can place them in any are whether outdoor or indoor. Also, it is
best with the 85 degrees Fahrenheit. However, you need to trim them every now and
then since they can grow up to 20 feet. It will look best with the combination of flowers
to add value and beautify it.

However, if you are out of options to look out for them then there are always options of
artificial plants available to avail.

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