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Vertical Garden Design

Vertical garden design

The style of planting or growing the trees in the vertical formation along the wall have
increased over the year. This formation is not taking a whole new place in the world of
gardening. Whether it is for the economical reason or environment, it is extremely ideal for all
the situations. The best part about such formation is its tendency to allow us to grow
something new and latest in terms of the flowering garden. It also allows an individual to work
in a smaller area.

So, with this in mind, our team have collected some of the amazing ideas of vertical garden
design for your home decoration.


1. Hanging Pot

We are not talking about the hanging garden. In such formation, there is
shelves style work done on the wall to give an amazing contrast with the structure. The
shelves have a hollow space in which the pots can be hung up. This type of garden style
is easy to maintain and work on while making sure that plants look striking.


2. Hanging gutter

In such formation, you don’t have to put the gutter style on the wall or
nearby it but you can hang it off form ceiling near your window or big glass style door.
This is not only a creative but an innovate type of formation that gives a perfect view
with open garden or veranda.


3. Vertical planters

This is the most common type of vertical garden design that is used
by many people. It is the shelf like structure that is placed in the garden are or even in
the room. The flower pots or plants are stacks over it. The best thing is that it can be
moved if the need arises.


4. Wall lawn

Whole says that you need a ground for the lawn preparation. The wall lawn
is the best establishment when it comes to nature. It allows us to have a green trendy
wall. There are so many options to put up on the wall such as artificial grass or even
plant a plant or climber. This type of vertical garden gives an authentic look to the


5. Wall gutter plantation

In this formation, the row of shelves are attached to the wall
and pots are stack above it. The plants can be flowering or the simple structure of the
bushes. It will get ample sunlight and have a drainage hole for convince.


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