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As the oldest manufacturer of artificial grass and artificial turf in Delhi India. We understand your requirements and your needs. Our motive is to make your artificial garden & lawn look & feel as real as natural turf. We manufacturer our grass with high tech-machines and intelligence that provides a soft and real green colors. Its best for your office gardens, Hotel, Balconies, Terraces and many more.

Mowing can be a painful and frustrating task for lawn or game complexes. There are so many things to keep in consideration when it comes to grass cutting such as a gentle curve or even the big rectangular shapes. It is simply not a piece of cake to get it done right even for an expert. Trimming and mowing are the challenging tasks that required a lot of time and effort with the petite machine. However, a beautiful lawn is a dream for people and especially nature lover. In such a case, green and lush fake grasses are their best call.

We are one of the best & top Artificial grass manufacturers  Leading company in Delhi.

Artificial grass is one of the best solutions for the landscaping problem that you might have no idea about. So, let us brief you about these issues that can be resolved with the help of artificial turfs.


Sunlight is the most essential requirement for natural grass. Otherwise, they can’t grow properly or have a thriving factor to it. Due to these reasons, the shade will be one of the major issues that can be eliminated with fake turfs. They don’t need any chemical, water or sun giving a perfect look. On top of that, you don’t have to worry about soggy or scraggly feel.

Shades of artificial grass

A glorifying beauty

Natural soil has a number of requirements such as soil, water, and light that can be difficult in some places, especially indoor. Hence, artificial grasses are used to eliminate any kind of requirement. The best thing is that you can set it up anywhere – balcony, room, bathroom, kitchen, living room – it is completely your call. Even the roof of your home is an ideal option to go for.

hardscape grass suppliers

Acidic conifers

Evergreen is the dream that we all love with lush trees and grasses around us. However, the tip can be acidic in nature for few of such option. In return, this will turn the soil acidic as well that results in destroying the whole setup of natural grass. In addition to this, it will also destroy the trees or shrubs. But these issues can be eliminated with the help of artificial turfs.


Have you ever thought of having grass in your living room at one corner with few artificial plants over it? It can be extremely difficult to gain with natural grass. But with artificial grass, not so much. Now, you can have grasses at the most bizarre the place that you never have considered.

As the oldest manufacturers of artificial grass & Artificial turf in Delhi India. Also  read : How to install artificial grass

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