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How to Lay Artificial Grass

In the modern era, we all are looking for options and alternative for one or another thing. One of the alternatives for natural grasses is the ideal solution of artificial grasses that are used on a large scale. On top of that, low maintenance of overall grasses makes it even more beneficial for the home decor. However, when it comes to the installation process then many people can get confused about how to do it.

The overall process of artificial grass arrangement can be a bit daunting and intense for a larger space. But with simple steps, it can be a cakewalk.

So, don’t waste time and save some bucks with the help of an easy manner of laying off the grass.


Clear off the ground –Before starting the whole installation process, it is essential to clear off weeds. One must clear off the grass that already exists in an area along with unwanted waste.


Dig off inches of total depth – Another step includes digging off in the space of two inches for good drainage. This is essential since the pets and kids will be moving around the turf a lot.

Benda boards –This is also essential when it comes to having a perimeter all around the grass boundary. It is a way to ensure that no grass is pulled out of the total area or ruin it. These types of boards are made up of composite boards that can easily prevent corrosion. It is better to avoid wood structure and to use a mud gun for a proper structure.

Irrigation heads cap –There is no need to clear off overall irrigation system but can reconfigure the overall It is an ideal way to wash off the turfs after the petits around or to cool down the system on a hot day.

Gravels addition – This is essential to have a proper half-inch structure to the system on self-compacting with bead board. It will help in getting a proper mound to look to put up the artificial turf to the layer.

Raking – It is essential to get an aluminum grading rake with one side teeth and grading blade on another system. This will help in finding the low spots to get proper compactors. Along with it, make sure to regularly wet the area outside without flooding it.

Plate compactor –It will give a little line to the plate compactor edges that will get gravel shifting. Make sure to remove the extra gravels to have read look with a fine

Weed mat – Put a layer of weed mat to the top of the surface area to have zoysia, peplum and Bermuda style of grass.

Artificial grass – Once, the above steps are completed then start adding artificial turfs as per the area. However, while cutting the edges, one has to work close to ensure that it gets a natural

Seam work – It is essential to have a clear seam that gives a natural look with glue, nail or staples. However, make sure to stretch the turf to ensure natural grass on the top and bottom.


The last part is about in fills that helps in getting upright blades. This will help in getting a more realistic look to the overall grass system. These are the essential steps that one must follow.

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