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Artificial Grass & Artificial Turf

It may seem crazy but the artificial grass does not serve just to make the garden floor fluffier. There are many ways to apply and decorate with artificial turf, not only the exterior but also the interior of your home. We would all love to have at home a spacious and spacious garden full of plants and with a soft and aromatic carpet of natural turf on the floor. However, and still having outdoor areas that is not so easy. Natural turf requires an important repertoire of care that requires time, effort and money.

It is true that artificial turf does not stop being a synthetic solution that cannot surpass the natural version. However, in recent times the manufactured has improved considerably. Today you can find synthetic turf Decor by Aavana that is very successful, both in physical appearance and in texture and touch.

Artificial turf quality

Quality of artificial grass

The best quality of unnatural grass is one that has good fill and does not burn when the person falls. Starting from this base, we would have to look for good quality product based on the aspects we have seen for unnatural turf in general. It is important to point out that mixed lawns have recently started to appear on the market, which meet the necessary conditions to carry out all kinds of sports but which are also very enjoyable for leisure. Plastic grass installation is too easy like cooking Maggi noodles.

Plastic turf & mats

A turf mat is a turf which is an option for regular turf. These kinds of mats are mostly plastic, but they can also be made from rubber, real grass and some other materials.
Artificial turf mats are mostly made of plastic and rubber, but if you really want to keep real grass in your garden or backyard, then you should think about buying some real looking mats of grama. Some of the most popular turf mat types are buffalo turf, carpet grass, perennial ryegrass, centipede turf, bent turf, and so forth.

Fake grass
synthetic grass

Synthetic grass

it is a kind of surface that looks like a natural garden. Even if it is wasted to see a natural form, it is produced entirely using the original and synthetic material. Such synthetic grass has a tendency to be stronger than natural. Traditionally, AstroTurf is used in game areas and areas where maintaining natural grass becomes very difficult, mainly in indoor areas.


In recent times, Astroturf has also emerged as the most popular form of landscaping components for sports and sports other than sports. These unnatural forms of grass and landing are quite similar to the original ones. Therefore, they are used by people to make gardens on the roofs. In addition, they are being kept in the lawn to add a touch of greenery. Apart from this, keeping this soft and smooth artificial turf on the roof and other hard surfaces of the house helps make it safer for children.

astro turf - dekorr

Grass carpet

If you want to install new rugs, then there is an option of carpets you can consider: plastic grasses carpet. An unnatural  grass carpet is resistant to stains and will not fade or mold. The grass carpet is durable, strong and beautiful. They can be used for indoor or outdoor carpet establishments.

To prolong the shelf life of turf carpets, you should set up proper banking, but they should be protected from heat, water, and moisture. They are available in different colors and types, so you will surely have many options to choose according to your needs.

Uses of Artificial Grass

If your family is the owner of a doggy, who has a very curious and excellent personality, or they are too big for an indoor-based game, then you are thinking about playing Man’s best friend in the fresh air as it was opposed to keeping them. After all, a dog is deeply tied to its ability to keep the health of the dog as active as possible, and you can help in promoting your dog’s general well-being by regularly playing in your backyard.

Artificial grass for Dog

Gives the presence of a naturally beautiful balcony without any hassle, time and money were not wasted on lawn care. In addition, unnatural grass does not produce brown spots or weeds!
Just think – a great looking lawn every day of the year. Unnatural turf is ideal for those who are traveling or who do not want to work more. If your free time is precious, then you are away from home for a period of time, or you just dislike the work of the yard, treating plastic grass as a maintenance-free option.

Artificial grass for balcony

There are almost infinite new ideas to make your interior decor bracing and shining. But with the stylish grasses on the wall will be the most creative and prudent way to decorate the ceilings and walls that bring a new feel to your home.
The artificial grass for wall contains all the ingredients that are used to save, cover, and decorate walls. These covers come in different varieties and properties; there are many kinds of grass are available that will definitely improve your entire home environment.

wall design with artificial grass & turf

In the olden period, if you are looking for a natural grama option, then you have very limited options. You can consider setting up a huge rock garden in your home or use fabricated garden/meadow for your area. A few years ago, you can buy only one kind of fabricated grass that looks forged. But these days the thing is getting better. When it comes to unnatural grama, users have many options.

Shades of artificial grass

It manufactures by nature-friendly fibers & plastic, environment free means that you are helping the environment in saving water resources, which use the majority of the population to change the natural lawn. Unnatural grama for flooring also helps the owners of the house with minimal maintenance to create a lawn-making lawn. Apart from this,
it enables to keep away the rodents and insects which are destroying the lawn and spreading in your house

25 mm Artificial Grass application

If your budget is not enough to buy fresh flowers daily, then use a variety of poly blend plastic plants to display in your tables, cabinets, windows or other bare areas. Pots and hanging baskets are available in grasses and gardenias.
External unnatural grass which provides visual inspiration in any landscape design; Artificial ferns and shrubs that look more authentic all year round; Green faux hedges which work as a privacy screen and “living wall”; and artificial trees which are proud to provide standard external applications.

artificial vertical garden
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