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Artificial Vertical Garden Wall Manufacturers in Delhi

One of the most delicate point when it comes to having an amazing garden is the garden wall.
It not only gives protection garden from outdoor factors but also enhances the whole living
space. Well, here is the good news to you, there are different options that one can avail when it
comes to the garden to add value to it while making it a remarkable oasis. We work on the
following garden wall for a fresh and exciting look at home. These wall garden are the main
forte of our team.


1. Front Garden wall artificial vertical garden manufacturers delhi

The first impression is the last impression’, this is something that we all
have heard throughout our lives. For many instances, it is also true. The front wall is
something that will come across people at the first blink. Hence, it is essential to ensure
that it is the sight to behold. In such case one can cover the wall with artificial turfs or
adding a wrought iron with the brick can also intensify the setup.


2. Retaining Garden Wall

With the latest trends, some amazing ideas. One such idea is of
retaining walls. This type of wall is even more accessible. On top of that, it can work as a
split to the whole yard or porch area. This type of work gives an advanced look to the
whole setup. It will also look amazing with the multiple walls with the cascading effect.
The more the colour contrast, the better it will look.


3. Vertical garden

This is another style that can look like a fairy tale contrast style. Walls
with greenery intact can look admirable and gives a unique effect. In addition to this,
the ivy can grow up while adding a new effect to the setup. It will help in giving the
green and multiple flowery looks to the wall.


4. Wall post

Yes, the bricks can be a garden wall if one wants them to be. Simply place the flower pots vertically with the accurate distance. Make sure that walls are using only flowering pot to give a beautiful and color contrasting effect to it. It will look amazing on a white or red color wall since it will enhance the whole setup. We can even use ideas such as shelves or racks to ensure that floral touch is intact with the wall. The vibrant colors make the wall look even more beautiful along with the visual combination.


If you are looking for changing your garden by the new arena. you can consult with Delhi’s best artificial garden manufacturers Dekorr. We always provide you the best range of products at your own price

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